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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Freshman Writer's Toolbox

Feeling empty-handed in attacking your research project? Reach for the toolbox! Missed class the week your section visited the Library? You're in luck. Does the Library website give you instant info-overload? Never fear! The Freshman Writer's Toolbox outlines everything that was covered in the one hour ENGL101 library session in just under two pages. Check it out HERE for quick guidance on just the bare essentials needed to complete your research.

  • Still trying to define your basic concepts? See the encyclopedias mentioned for context.
  • Have your basic idea already? Sample just the two or three literature databases mentioned.
  • Still stuck on hardcopy? See the quick toolbox tipsheet for searching that book catalog.

Grab and go! The world of library research in bite-sized chunks. The Freshman Writer's Toolbox. You can visit the rest of the website next year!


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